Lissa McGraw


Lissa McGraw is the proud and blessed owner of Espirit Colon Hydrotherapy and Wellness Center.  Espirit began a means for Lissa to heal herself after years of misery from digestive issues that compromised her joy for life.  Through dietary changes, eliminating certain life stressors and incorporating colon therapy into her monthly regime, she can now share with others what she learned through her own journey to health.  She believes wholeheartedly that without colon therapy she would not be the happy, healthy individual she is today.  Lissa has a great deal of compassion for those dealing with constipation, hemorrhoids, gas, bloating, cellulite, headaches and other digestive disorders.  Having dealt with many of these same issues herself, she has helped those clients that have found their way to Espirit.  Lissa is IACT certified colon hydrotherapist, certified in bioelectric lymphatic drainage, certified in administering additives (with a DR prescription), trained in cupping, trained in aromatherapy and is an advocate for many other holistic modalities.  She is always looking for the next great service to bring to the Wellness center to further help her clients.  Lissa is also blessed with the beautiful and caring women that work as therapists at her center.  She surrounds herself with like-minded individuals that have been called to the field of healing and has great love and trust for those employed at Espirit.  Her hope is that all people that are frustrated with feeling miserable or who are just wanting to cleanse their bodies, make their way into Espirit where they will feel loved and supported.  She welcomes all to experience the joy of colon therapy!


Heidi parres


Heidi Parres has always led a healthy lifestyle including running, weight training, yoga, and proper nutrition. However, she was still struggling daily with constipation and lethargy. Her life was full of stress from work and the endless anxiety from fighting digestive issues. Nothing seemed to relieve the symptoms so she explored colon hydrotherapy to see if it would provide her some relief. What she didn't realize is that it would completely change her life! She lost the 10lbs that wouldn't budge, it increased her energy and freed her of digestive pain. That excitement inspired her to commit to a career change to help others improve their health and create overall wellness. Heidi understands what you are struggling with and is empathetic to the suffering that toxic build up and lifestyle stresses can cause. She is committed to getting you closer to living a healthier and renewed life.



lisa west

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Hi. I’m Lisa West. I am a physical therapist, yoga teacher and bodyworker practicing for over 20 years. My career has been focused on orthopedic injuries with special interest and attention to the spine and chronic pain.  I currently specialize in John Barnes Myofascial Release, as well as energy healing and craniosacral therapy. I have spent most of my adult life exploring and learning many different ways to address physical, energetic and emotional pain. 

My largest interest lies in the relationship between the physical and energetic bodies and in how the mind, body and spirit intertwine, and has a special focus on how to address the nervous system.

In my free time I love being in nature, spending time with my favorite people and my cats and learning as much as I can about this wild and magical place we live in and our amazing bodies that carry us through it.



lauren melet


In college, I started experimenting with some groovy substances: things like sauteed purple cabbage, steamed broccoli, homemade hummus, kale chips, roasted garbanzo beans, lots and lots of water, and more. Despite this healthy new phase, my acne had never been worse and digestively I was a wreck! When I would incorporate food from my previous eating patterns (junk food) my body put up an even bigger fight and stubbornly refused to cooperate. I didn’t understand this drastic shift of not pooping when I was eating better than I ever had. I finally found colonics, and excitedly went to my first appointment at Espirit. My first colonic was a great start, but I knew it wasn’t enough to clear my system of all the old, dehydrated crap I was holding onto, so I eagerly signed up for a series. Within a few months, my skin was exponentially better, my digestion was functional, my diet was coming together, and I left my anti-deppressants in the dust. A few years later, I’m still a client at Espirit, and I’m lucky enough to get to witness countless people on their own healing journies. As the voice on the phone, I’m happy and humbled to be able to answer any questions you might have about our services here at Espirit. I have experienced how every therapist does their job and can definitively say that anyone who walks through these doors is in good hands. If you do decide that you’re ready to stop in, come with an open mind, an open heart, and two open eyes (use them to look at my oil paintings I have hanging throughout the spa).

1535 E. MAIN ST. VENTURA, CA. 93001