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Colon Therapy in Ventura, California

Have you ever considered this simple question - are you clean inside? We perform repetitive actions every day to make sure we are clean on the outside, yet how often do we take the time to cleanse our insides? The colon, known as "the sewer system" of the body, requires regular cleansing, as many digestive issues can be signs of a toxic colon.

Espirit Colon Hydrotherapy of Ventura, California, offers the colon therapy treatments you need to help your body keep up with detoxification on its own, rather than store leftover waste. Don't be a victim suffering silently from these painful and sometimes embarrassing health conditions. Find out how colon cleansing can change your life!

Meet Your Colon Therapy Specialist
Lissa McGraw has been associated with the benefits of colonics for over 20 years. She had her own digestive issues without even knowing what being constipated meant and after signing up for a series of 10 colonics, discovered what it felt like to be truly healthy. Her running improved, her complexion cleared up and she is able to keep constipation (which she is prone to) at bay, leaving her with a life of joy. She has great compassion for those of you with digestive issues and is knowledgeable on many levels as how to combat these issues. She is passionate about helping people find their joy. She often refers to the practice of colon hydrotherapy as the 'fountain of youth'. Relieving oneself of toxins and putrified fecal matter from our bodies is truly the key to a better way of living. She encourages you to call her today and discuss how you too can find this joy for life.

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Lissa McGraw

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