Colon Hydrotherapy

One Session: $85

Series of 3: $225 / Series of 6: $420 / Series of 10: $650

Purchasing a series is a commitment to your health. We strongly urge our clients to consider purchasing a series if possible, as several colonics done in succession is the best way to clean and hydrate the colon. We want to gently remind our clients to be patient with their bodies and the process- cleansing can be a lifelong endeavor, and those who reap the benefits of a healthy and efficient colon are the ones that commit to showing up.  Additionally, with a series of 10, you will receive one free sauna or bio-mat session.


Vibratrim stand alone (10 minutes) : $10
Vibatrim is free with any service

Amethyst Biomat (30 minutes): $10

Bio-Electric Lymph Drainage (30 minutes): $25

Far Infrared Sauna (45 minutes): One Session: $35 / Series of 5: $125
One month unlimited sauna: $99

Ionic Foot Bath (35 minutes): One Session: $45 / Series of 5: $175 / Series of 10: $300

Massage Therapy

Please contact Lisa West directly for information regarding Myofascial Release and Physical Therapy

Pricing Fusions

Our Fusion Packages include 3 services combined to specifically Restore or Revitalize. ($150 per Fusion)


Colon Hydrotherapy, Amethyst Bio-Mat, & Ionic Foot Bath


Colon Hydrotherapy, Ionic Foot Bath, & FAR Infrared Sauna



*please refer to our Treatments page for detailed description of all services. All treatments are by appointment only. Please call (805)798-7553 to schedule a service.



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