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"When my mom had asked me if I wanted to get a colonic from Lissa I was a little hesitant. I had received a colonic one time previously, from a different person, and the experience was not what I would describe as comfortable. Despite my previous experience, I thought I would give Lissa a try because I know how beneficial colonics are for your body.

I arrived at Lissa's spa a little nervous and anxious but once I entered my feelings were immediately alleviated. The way the spa is set up is relaxing and very comfortable. Lissa was very thorough in explaining the process and the feelings that my body would be going through. I began to relax and get excited about how I was going to feel afterwards! Lissa provides everything you need: a fresh clean robe, socks, and a restroom! I was so excited that my colon was going to be clean of all of the months of cafeteria and late night snacking food that I had been bingeing on in college.

I didn't know this, but food actually gets stuck or caught in your colon and can't escape. It just sits and sits and sits there...especially pork! After learning this I wanted to get started right away. The colonic commenced! The feelings were somewhat odd but I knew what to expect. There was the filling of water and then there would be a little pressure. The pressure felt like I had to go number two, but it wasn't a scary feeling because I knew Lissa had it under control.

Next came the release. This felt great! It felt like a breath of fresh air or a relieving sigh for my whole body. I urge you to get two colonics back to back. Come back the next day and get a second one. I was planning on just getting one, but there isn't much movement during the first colonic. This is because all of that food has just been sitting there and isn't planning on moving. Also, your body is not used to having water your colon filled with water.

However, when you come for the second colonic EVERYTHING gets moving. It's amazing! You can literally see all of the chunks of food that have been sitting in your colon. Once the second colonic was over I felt like a completely new person. It is such a physical, mental, and emotional release. It was an amazing and addicting feeling. The bloating around my tummy was completely gone!! Food tasted better and I felt so healthy and refreshed. I plan to get a colonic from Lissa every time I'm home from school. I am so glad I decided to go to Lissa! Thank you!" Alex J.

"I want to start off by letting everyone know how great Lissa is! She is one of my most loved friends...a very true and loyal person. When she believes in something she likes to bring in the world to share with everyone what she has learned. When I found out she was going to begin giving colonics, being the health freak I am, I was so excited to get in. I had never had one before but I was so ready to get detoxed!


My experience with Lissa and her lovely, welcoming Spa was so comfortable...nothing about the session was disturbing or uncomfortable. After giving me a tour of the instrument and explaining how it would be administered, I got into a fresh robe with no underwear and laid down on the bed. Lissa is so professional there was nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about...I rolled over, the tube went in and then she fills you with H2O and you either have the waste go through the tube or you get a little cramping and may be the type who releases in the toilet.

It feels great! I felt light, clear headed, and even lost 5 pounds! My situation was more complex that most. I had gotten hurt and was on prescription medication for awhile...I had not had a bowel movement for 5 months. I signed up for 5 sessions and have had 3 done. So to let everyone know, lets live to enjoy our retirement. Lets get all the toxins out, sign up for sessions today! I love Lissa and her amazing spa. Enjoy." Ana C.


Thank you Lissa for helping me through the healing process. I am a nurse who was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2011. Being in the medical field, I know the first answer to treat something is to prescribe a drug. I learned that on a first hand basis during my treatment for cancer. Chemo, radiation and many immune suppressing drugs wrecked havoc on my GI system. I saw a GI specialist who again wanted to prescribe a drug to treat my symptoms. I decided not to continue and seek out a more natural approach. I saw Lissa's ad in a Ventura County Health and Exercise magazine. I'm so glad I took this route because the colonic routine Lissa made for me has completely cured my symptoms. Her bubbly and caring personality and excitement for what she does makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I am so thankful!" Jessica



"FINALLY -Most of us don't realize the benefits of a colonic. We tend to shy away from anything that is different, foreign, scary especially when someone you know is going to stick a plastic tube into you.

Well, my best friend Lissa is amazing! If I could afford it I would have a colonic every day of my life........ The results are different for everyone but the most important thing to remember is even if you don't have a great colonic, you are hydrating your colon. Your colon is part of your body that most of us don't even think about what we are eating and how it affects our colon.

No matter if you are healthy and fit or struggling with your weight a colonic is one of the best things you can do for your body.......Try it! Trust me you will be amazed to see what comes out of your body. I am always in shock to see my results." Lynn Gardner

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